The comeback of the Nobles

Strange encounters

Towards the mansion

We’ve been wandering these barren lands for weeks without any sign of civilized life, and suddenly, upon entering an abandoned settlement, we encounter a group of adventurers. A strange crowd indeed, but they do seem honest enough, at least the hunter and his cleric companion, although the latter doesn’t talk much. The two other individuals I don’t know what to make of yet, but they fight well and that is always a cause for respect.

My squire and I agreed to team up with them and join them in a quest to aid some local noble. Anything to restore some sense of order to these lands seems like a just cause for now. For some reason my new companions prefer to walk on foot. A strange choice, for even a novice rider could make good in this fair landscape. Not to mention the missed opportunity and glory of fighting from horseback – I take it these people have yet to discover the true advantage of cavalry warfare.

In any case, we set out towards the mansion, and suddenly we are ambushed by some strange humanoid creatures. Later I was to learn that they are called Goblins. They are annoying little critters, and when you slay one of them they tend to pop open and spill their guts all over. My loyal Ragnar will have his work cut out for him in cleaning my armor if this keeps up. Needless to say it was a swift fight, and little honor or glory to be had. I let the little bastard run away in the end – a disgrace to waste the edge of Hywelbane on these fellas. We continued relatively unscratched until we came upon a river we needed to cross. A formidable obstacle considering its size and ferocity. We decided to make camp for the night, and one of the shady individuals, I think its a female, was quite skillful with her fishing hook. We ate a fine meal and shared stories around the campfire, while wolfs howled in the night. Ah, it feels great to have escaped the depressing intrigue of the courts back home and the pointless skirmishes of our rivaling families. Perhaps this is the first step towards a true and just path towards righteousness?

Dawn broke and we went scouting for a way to cross the river. What was to follow I shall never forget, for I have still to this day never experienced anything so unearthly. Inside a cave by the riverbed we met the most formidable opponent – an undead abomination, most likely a vampire. I’ve hear tales of such monsters, but never believed them to be true. I tried to strike at it with Hywelbane, but even with my best stance and a textbook overhead cut which would most certainly have overwhelmed most opponents, for I was swift as a snake, the vampire easily dodged me. It was even able to land a blow, and although it left a nasty wound, the wound to my soul was much deeper. I shall pray I will find a way to heal my broken spirit. Against such odds, our only chance was to find daylight, so I decided the best course of action was to call for a retreat. The friendly hunter was trapped inside so with a little help from the shemale, I was able to spur Hyme and drag him from danger. The mute cleric followed suit. He is wise enough, and has a mind for battle, and this day it saved him for whatever the rest of us could have done, had he not retreated, he would almost certainly be dining in the halls of his God by now.

to be continued!


Ingjald Erethian

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